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Chris Mara: If anyone can beat cancer, it’s Dave Gettleman

The New York Giants were rocked by the revelation that GM Dave Gettleman was diagnosed with lymphoma this week. The man with endless energy and enthusiasm is about to face the fight of his life.

Giants VP of Player Personnel Chris Mara was as shocked as anyone when he heard the news of Gettleman’s diagnosis.

“I was a little shocked just because we had been working together pretty heavily during the draft. He was feisty as can be. He showed up for work very early and left very late at night. I saw no signs of it during the draft,” Mara told Chris Russo on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio.

Mara feels that if anyone can beat cancer it’s Gettleman: “He is such an upbeat guy. He has been downplaying everything. I think he has a great frame of mind to go and beat it. He is a very energetic guy, a very tough guy. If anybody can beat it, it’s going to be him.”

He also said the Giants would be in good hands as Gettleman, 67, goes through his ordeal.

“Not at all. Dave is going to be working day-to-day. He might be at home a little bit. But his voice will be heard loud and clear….the fortunate thing for us with the timing of it all is, if I can use a horse reference, the horse is pretty much in the barn at this point. …. The ship is pretty steady right now.”

Assistant GM Kevin Abrams will steer the ship when Gettleman is unable and no major decisions will be made with the GM. Of course, with the Giants, all major moves are run past the ownership group before they’re made.

Hat tip to Ryan Dunleavy of for the transcription and initial report of this interview. 

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