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Friday Flashback: LT Admits He Always Wanted to Sack Phil Simms

As we do every Friday here, we revisit historical moments with a Giants flashback. Today we’re going back to October of 2012 when Giants great Lawrence Taylor appeared on Showtime’s Inside the NFL to promote a new documentary featuring his life: LT: The Life and Times which premiered on Showtime the next February….

“I’m not excited, I’m scared,” Taylor told the panel of James Brown, Cris Collinsworth and former teammate Phil Simms.

“There’s a lot of stuff they can put on there. When they first approached me with it, I said ‘no way I’m not going to do that.’ I’m not going to put my life on display, but, hell, my life is already on display, the Hall of Famer conceded. “I decided to go with it and see how it turns out. I’m forward to hearing some of the stories, because there’s a lot of stories I don’t remember.”

Business aside, LT became more candid with the group. Brown stated that the film would not only show Taylor’s on-field demeanor and off-filed transgressions but his softer side as well.

“A lot of things people don’t know, of course, is that I was in the locker room with him for 13 years, we were teammates. He helped out a lot of teammates, I know that,” said Simms.

“You think about all the money you lent people – no, you’d give it away,” Simms said to LT. “As a teammate, you’d end up giving it away.”

Some highlights from the light side….

Collinsworth: Ron Jaworski came down to say Hi to you and he was still twitching from some of the hits that he took. Is there any QB that you wanted to hit during your career and didn’t?

LT: Oh (points at Simms). let me tell you something…I always wanted to hit Phil cause I seen so many people do it. Oh my God, I uses to sit back there “ooh, oh, ooh”…I felt sorry for him, sometimes. I mean, he was a trooper, he would hang in there and….a bunch of brothers running after a little white guy …he’s about get killed…

Simms: I didn’t even hear that….he used to run by me in practice like he was going to sack me but he had to run by me…he goes ‘ohhh’…I said “I know you want to do it, but you can’t…

LT: (smiling) I’d pat him on the butt, “Hey”

Another moment….

Simms: Parcells always give nickname to everybody, what was his nickname for you?

LT: Don’t make me think, I got concussions

Simms: It’s not the concussions, trust me. It’s other things.

Full interview

Documentary Trailer

If you have some time, this should remind you of great a player Taylor was…

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