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Giants’ WR Cody Latimer Flying Under the Radar

The New York Giants have almost an embarrassment of riches on offense these days. RB Saquon Barkley, WRs Odell Beckham, Jr. and Sterling Shepard and TE Evan Engram lead an offense that could be the talk of the NFL this season.

One player that is getting lost in the shifting spotlight is free agent wideout Cody Latimer, who the Giants inked to one-year, $2.5 million flier this past March. Latimer was a second-round pick of the Denver Broncos out of Indiana back in 2014 and has spent most of his time as their third, fourth and even fifth receiver.

Latimer was a member of the Broncos’ Super Bowl 50 championship team but his role was that of a backup receiver and special teamer, which is one of the traits that drew the Giants to him.

The Giants might be getting more than just a solid special teams player in Latimer, however. He is making waves and is in contention for the team’s No. 3 WR role. So far, the 6’2″, 215-pounder appears to be a perfect fit.

Latimer is just 25 and if he can make a statement here with his play, the Giants will likely look to hold on to him. They are back in the business of accumulating football players and Latimer has the versatility and toughness the team has been lacking the past few years.

At the Giants’ OTAs, Latimer has been lining up with the “ones” in place of Beckham, who is still rehabbing from the fractured ankle he suffered last October. He has opened some eyes to say the least. He looks more like a second round pick these than the washout the Broncos got the past few seasons.

So, what happened to him in Denver?

“There’s things I could have done better coming out,’’ Latimer said as per Paul Schwartz of The Post. “There’s things I took for granted. I don’t blame anybody but myself on that one. It was me. I had to make a change. It took me to my third, fourth year to finally get that. I just took it for granted, thought I knew everything, didn’t have the same habits I’ve grown to learn and do now.’’

That’s good news for the Giants. It’s like having another high draft pick. He has a renewed outlook that fits in with the new mantra the Giants are embracing under Pat Shurmur.

Latimer knows his role and is willing to do whatever it takes to get his career on track and help the Giants win.

“When Odell gets here, with Sterling and [tight end Evan] Engram, there’s people here, they’ll leave me in one-on-one matchups so I’m gonna love to take advantage of it,’’ Latimer said. “We have a nice, loaded offense. It’s a big opportunity, it’s one I didn’t get to have out in Denver. I’m excited about it and making the most of it.’’

At the very least, the Giants will be getting another well-rounded player who can fill multiple roles, especially on specials, where they’ve been lacking for so many years. Latimer not only returns kicks but defends on them as well.

“It’s the mentality on special teams,’’ he said. “Ain’t nobody gonna stop me.’’

The Giants are hoping Latimer can’t be stopped. With his 4.44 speed, he can become another vertical threat for QB Eli Manning, who Latimer says he is always “pestering” with questions. On passes ten or more yards downfield, Latimer caught 10 of his 14 targets, including 2 deep TDs.

With all the major moving and shaking this offseason, it might be the little moves, the under the radar ones like this, that make the most difference.

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