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Giants’ Minicamp: A Quiet Day One

Day One of the New York Giants mandatory minicamp transpired without a hitch. The big storyline wasn’t even that big – Odell Beckham, Jr. and his status, which turned out to be a non-issue on Tuesday at the Quest Diagnostics Training Center in East Rutherford.

“I told the players this and really it’s the case, it’s really OTA 11 in my mind because anytime they come on the field with their helmets on, it’s about the ball, it’s about the ground and it’s about getting yourself better,” head coach Pat Shurmur told the Giants’ beat pool after practice. “They handled today just like they have the other OTAs, so good work, was very competitive. You saw at the end there – everyday we do a situation and today was the two-point play and the defense did a good job with those two-point plays today.”

Shurmur is a low-key guy. Not to say that he’s not high-energy. He just a pragmatic father-figure in his fifties. I get that. Nothing can get you too excited or depressed. At this stage of your life, you’ve been full circle twice and have seen too much water has flowed under the bridge to get rattled over trivial matters.

So, that’s why he was sloughing off the Beckham situation. He’s been down that road before and it will shake out the way it shakes out. It’s not going to deter or distract him from hitting all his marks and seeing the big picture.

“He was out there today. He was cleared to train and he did a good job,” Shurmur said when asked if Beckham was cleared, why wasn’t he participating in team drills. “Well, everyone is at different phases of their training and he was like a couple other guys that didn’t do some teams drills, but he’s cleared.”

Shurmur was asked if the contract situation was the reason OBJ sat out the team portion of practice.

“I’m not worried about it and neither is he. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I look at a player that loves football, he’s out there right now doing his thing and he wants to be here and as the coach and the player, that’s what we talk about…What I’m concerned about is my relationship with him and him learning as much as he can through this offseason, so that when we get going he is ready to go. Then my job as the coach, and our job as coaches, is to get him trained up and put him on the field. That’s what we worry about. This isn’t the first time in the NFL we’ve talked about a player and a contract. We just keep moving, keep developing our relationship within what is going on, and then we move forward and that’s where it’s at.”

QB Eli Manning put the story to bed with one quick sentence.

“Obviously, he ran maybe three or four routes, but he looks good coming out of his breaks,” Manning said of OBJ. “From what I have seen, he looks sharp and ready to go.”

End of story.

Shurmur said he talks to GM Dave Gettleman everyday. Gettleman is currently undergoing treatment for lymphoma. He also said the team is trying to build it’s chemistry and is pleased with what he’s seen thus far.

“We’ve come a long way,” he said. “There are hours and hours of work in the weight room, in the meeting room and on the practice field, and when you watch a practice, I think it’s important that they are playing fast with no anxiety, and when a mistake occurs, which happens in practice – now Jacksonville didn’t see that mistake, so as long as we don’t repeat it, that’s what practice is for. So that’s what you go through. They’ve got to come out here and do it and those mistakes that were made and I noticed a handful and then there are some other things that you didn’t quite notice and you will see on tape, you get them corrected and you move on. So that’s why you have to practice a team game.”

Shurmur was ssked if the team was playing faster in this practice now that they’ve reached a new stage of the offseason.

“I think what is important is it’s about the ball, so you don’t want the ball on the ground,” he said. “It is about making sure that you go through the fundamentals of your position, and I can tell that each time we go out there, both sides of the ball are playing faster.”

In regards to Ereck Flowers, who is currently acclimating to a new position (right tackle), Shurmur seemed satisfied with his progress and demeanor.

“I see him improving and I see a guy that enjoys training and he has fit in well with the new players on the offensive line and he obviously has a relationship with the guys from a year ago. I know he’s a tough guy and he’s out there doing what we ask him to do and he’s improving, so beyond that, I can’t say.”

DT Damon “Snacks” Harrison was one of the few players who sat out some of the OTAs but now he his here ready to buy into the program.

“I was minding my own damn business,” he said when asked why he skipped some OTAs. He appeared to be in fine form both on and off the field.

“Oh, it’s high. It’s high,” Snacks said of the team’s morale. “It’s a new staff, you’ve got no choice but to be happy.” He went on to say he was not surprised the team was so enthusiastic this spring after last season’s debacle.

“I honestly don’t think we were what our record was last year and I know it’s tough to understand that. Going 3-13, I think what we were, you would expect guys to come back down on themselves. That was just a humbling season for everybody. So, if anybody was on their high horse, they have no choice but to get down now and get back to the drawing board and work all over again, which is a good thing to see.”

Injury Update

Safety Landon Collins, who is being held back some as his broken forearm heals completely, was limited as was Beckham. Rookie DL R.J. McIntosh and OLB Avery Moss, who were held out again, as they were at OTAs. DE Josh Mauro and safety Darian Thompson were seen riding stationary bikes on the side. Mauro is suspended the first four games of the regular season after violating the league’s PED policy.

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