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Giants Records That Could be Broken in 2018

As the New York Giants enter their 94th season of play in the National Football League, there are a long list of accomplishments that Giant fans marvel at. But few fans know much about the franchise’s individual records and who holds them.

In this post, we’re going to discuss those records, who holds them and who might break them in the upcoming 2018 season.

Passing Touchdowns: 36 – Y.A. Tittle, 1963

Tittle only played four seasons for the Giants from 1961-64 and threw 96 touchdowns with 10,439 yards and was named All-Pro twice. He did all that past the age of 35, mind you. His 36 TDs in ’63 was an NFL record until Miami’s Dan Marino broke it with 48 in 1984. Since then, it’s been equaled or eclipsed 28 times, but not by any Giant QB.

Eli Manning almost got there in 2015 when he tossed 35 TDs. Manning and Tittle are the only two Giant QBs to throw more than 30 TDs in a season. Tittle also had 33 in 1962 and Eli threw 31 in 2010 and 30 in 2014.

So, if and when will this record be broken? It’s hard to believe Eli hasn’t done it or any of the other capable QBs that came before him – Phil Simms, Fran Tarkenton, Kerry Collins, Jeff Hostetler, Charley Conerly et al. Manning has a great chance of doing it this year with weapons such as Odell Beckham, Jr., Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley and Sterling Shepard. If he doesn’t do it with this group, we could be waiting for another 55 years for the record to be broken.

Receptions: 107 – Steve Smith, 2009

Smith was a short-yardage option for Manning in an offense that had vertical threats Mario Manningham and Hakeem Nicks with Kevin Boss at tight end. Smith got the majority of the targets, though, a whopping 157 which means 50 passes thrown his way fell incomplete.

With the new offense sporting so many options, it may be difficult to get one player so many targets. Beckham, in his first three seasons, had 91, 96 and 101 receptions whit tied him with college teammate Jarvis Landry for the most receptions (288) by a player in their first three seasons.

There’s no question he’s capable (he holds the franchise record for targets with 169 in 2016) but will the Giants go to him enough for him to get to 108 catches? Also, keep in mind that Shepard or Engram could benefit from all the attention Beckham and Barkley will draw from defenses this year, so one of them could be in line to set the record as well.

Touchdowns: 21 – Joe Morris, 1985

Morris was a scoring machine in 1985, hitting pay dirt a franchise record 21 times, all on the ground. He led the NFL in TDs that year and his 126 points were third behind two kickers: Chicago’s Kevin Butler and Pittsburgh’s Gary Anderson.

Morris broke Gene Roberts’ record of 17 set back in 1949 and no one has come close to breaking it over the past 30 seasons. Morris had 15 the next season and that has number since been equaled by Tiki Barber (2004) and Brandon Jacobs (2008).

The Giants now have a player in RB Saquon Barkley that can challenge Morris’ record. Barkley can both run with and catch the football and the Giants are going to get him anywhere between 20-25 touches per game. After all, they did spend the No. 2 overall selection in the NFL Draft on him and are out to prove they made the right decision in bypassing a QB for him.

Barkley scored  22 and 21 TDs respectively in his final two seasons at Penn State, so he has the track record to get it done. Now all he needs is the opportunity.



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