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Giants Salute US Army Football Team in Final Open Session at Training Camp

The New York Giants concluded the public portion of their training camp on Tuesday with a “carded” practice in the midst of what has been a sweltering heatwave in the Northeast.

The workout, which was the ninth and final one open to the public this summer, was basically a walkthrough with the club’s first preseason game just two days away. The fans were especially gracious as the team rounded up their practice.

The US Army football team was in attendance and were saluted by the team after practice.

“We had some special guests at practice today, the Army football team was here on their day off,” said head coach Pat Shurmur. “Coach (Jeff) Monken brought his whole team and his staff, and so you saw at the end of practice there the players went over to acknowledge them. NCAA rules say they couldn’t be on the field because we couldn’t give them special treatment, but it was nice for our players to acknowledge those young men. I have a fondness in my heart for the academies. I had my appointment to the Naval Academy, I wanted to captain a battleship and shoot the guns and do all that stuff, but I didn’t want to be an engineer, so I turned it down. That was a little detail they left out when I was going through it. But, no, these guys are terrific young men and at some point they may be defending our freedom, so our guys, I thought it was great they went over there and acknowledged them.”

Big Blue will open the 2018 preseason by hosting the Cleveland Browns at MetLife Stadium on Thursday night.

The Giants cut their open camp sessions this year down to nine (from 11 last year) due to the fact they will be traveling to Detroit to first scrimmage against, then play, the Lions next week.

In Week 2 of the preseason, the Lions will host the Giants Tuesday, Aug. 14 through Thursday, Aug. 16 for joint practices at Detroit’s headquarters and training facility in Allen Park. The Lions will then open their home preseason schedule against the Giants on Friday, August 17 at 7:00 p.m. at Ford Field.

The Giants will play the Browns on Thursday night and have yet to announce if they plan on practicing at all in New Jersey this weekend before heading off to Michigan. Allen Park is approximately 12 miles southwest of downtown Detroit.

How much the starters will play is still not decided. With all the newness, it makes sense for everyone to get at least a few series.

“We haven’t discussed it with the players in detail yet, and that’ll be happening here in the next 48 hours,” said Shurmur. “I think we’ve got to give them what they need and, again, they’re all at different stages of being ready to play in Week 1, so we just try to balance it and make good decisions based on whether we think it’s right.”

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