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Schedule gauntlet begins this week for Giants

The New York Giants finished with the second-worst record in the NFL in 2017 (3-13), so how is it that they end up drawing the eighth most difficult schedule this season?

Well the NFL isn’t set up any longer to give the weak teams the easiest paths any longer. 14 of every team’s 16 games are determined years before. Only two games are “at-large” contests based on the prior season’s results.

The Giants will play six games in the own division, the entire NFC South and the four teams in the AFC South. Their other two games are against the two other NFC teams that finished in last place in their divisions – Chicago and San Francisco.

The composite win/loss record of the Giants’ 2018 opponents is 133-123 (.520). Doesn’t seem fair but that’s the way the league has set the scheduling up since they expanded to 32 teams and eight divisions in 2002.

The most difficult part of the Giants’ schedule comes early in the season.

Week 1, they host Jacksonville, who was the AFC runner up last season. Week 2, they go to Dallas. Week 3, they head over to Houston, who under QB Deshaun Watson are practically unstoppable, not to mention J.J. Watt will be returning.

Week 4, they host Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, who could have very well gone to the Super Bowl had a defensive back not made a historic blunder. Week 5, they go to Carolina, a team that has had their way with the Giants the past two times they played. Week 6, they are home for the Super Bowl champion Eagles and Week 7 ,they are in Atlanta to face the Falcons, who many believe could be in the Super Bowl this season.

Here’s actor Michael Rapoport, a Giant fan, venting on the Giants’ schedule.

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