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The Giant Insider: Thursday Report

The New York Giants were out in the heat on Thursday practicing in preparation for the upcoming season opener this Sunday against Jacksonville.

Linebackers Olivier Vernon (ankle) was not practicing again and is unlikely to play this week or even next. Rookie LB Tae Davis was also not practicing. Another rookie, LB Lorenzo Carter was limited with an illness.

The Giants are hopeful that Carter can play in place of Vernon this week, but DC James Bettcher was non-committal.

“I don’t ever want to answer injury questions – but if you ever were to have to play without someone, then it’s just the other guys at that position have to step up, and it’s going to be multiple guys handling whatever that job was, whether it’s OV outside if he doesn’t end up playing, or linebacker inside, or a guy at safety. There will be different guys sharing some of that responsibility.”

Special teams coach Thomas McGaughey revealed he is undergoing treatment for cancer.

“This past offseason, they found a growth in my bowel duct,” said McGaughey. “In that growth was cancer. They removed it. I had a very extensive procedure, called a whipple procedure. During the whipple, they found a cancer in one of my lymph nodes. I’ve been doing chemotherapy for about the last two months. I’m going on my fifth treatment, and it’s going good.”

McGaughey said the ordeal has not set him back too much and he intends to be here for the Giants every day.

“I go down, I do my treatment, I come back. That’s what it is. Last time I did it, I had an extra day because it was the fourth preseason game. So, I had a little time. The next treatment, I’ll go down, do the treatment, then I’ll come right back.”

Earlier this summer, the Giants re-hired former ST coordinator Tom Quinn to assist McGaughey and his assistant, Anthony Blevins.

OC Mike Shula on the Giants’ offense being six-points better with WR Odell Beckham, Jr. in the lineup:

“You guys have seen him up close. He’s really talented, as we know. He knows and gets football, all the little adjustments that maybe sometimes you have to tell other guys, he kind of gets them. All the elite receivers that we’ve all seen, they all have certain characteristics. He’s got really, really good hands and he’s a guy that has made big plays in big situations. He’s a big piece to our puzzle, but he’s not the only piece and we’re looking forward to having him and Eli get together and all those other guys where it all ties in together where we’ve got 11 guys doing the right thing and giving ourselves the best chance.”

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