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The Giant Insider: Halapio, Latimer

Chris Bisignano, the beat reporter for The Giant Insider, covers angles that other reporters do not. He is a diligent worker who asked the right questions, the ones fans want to know answers to, not the questions that will elicit clickbait and headlines.

On Thursday, Chris spoke with two Giants who the team is hopeful can take them back to the level they were when they were perennial SB contenders – center Jon Halapio and WR/KR Cody Latimer.

Talked to Jon Halapio today about Jags. Mentioned how their front four get to the ball, their pursuit. They get to QB and disrupt backfield.

I asked Halapio if the Jags conduct twists and stunts: “Here and there, in their mind they’re confident they can get to QB with front four. They’re talented and aggressive.”

I talked about the speed of Jaguars’ linebackers Telvin Smith and Myles Jack: “They’re real fast quick guys who’s football instincts really good.”

Halapio on being a part of the Giants’ revamped O-Line: “Yeah , real excited, not only because I’m starting but because of the other 10 guys on offense.”

On his first start at center with Eli: “He wants all areas covered, no grey areas”.

Latimer comes over from the Denver Broncos after basically washing out as a second-round draft pick back in 2014.

TGI: Cody, talk about the coverage’s you see watching Jag tape?
Latimer: “Some man, some man zone, they will play lock-up man, but mix in zone”.

Latimer: “You have to rest your corners, you can’t be killing them all day. This isn’t high school”.

On Jags’ CB Jalen Ramsey sticking with one receiver: “It depends, some games he has done that, some he hasn’t, it changes”.

Latimer: “I’m excited to be a big part of this offense, it’s a long time coming”.

Other notes…

Odell very loose in locker room . Compared himself to the outside of the eye of a hurricane. “You see how much destruction that does?” Yep, @OBJ_3 , we do. Do your thing my man.

Mike Thomas telling me today it’s a “blessing and an honor” to be named captain. “I’m so humbled and I take responsibility serious.“ Thomas was named one of six captains this week along with Eli Manning, Zak DeOssie, Alec Ogletree, Landon Collins and Nate Solder.

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