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The Giant Insider: Fans losing faith that Giants can turn things around

The Giant Insider, a periodical that I contribute to, is one of the few accredited organizations that tell New York Giants fans like it is. They give credit where credit is due and lay blame where is rightly deserves.

With the Giants beginning another season 0-2 (their fifth in six years), the outlook is getting bleaker by the day. Jerry Foley and Chris Bisignano are right on the money with much of their analysis. Here’s some tweets that they posted recently (@GiantInsider) for your enjoyment – or maybe not…

91% of Giant fans are not seeing a winning season ahead. With the odds of making the postseason down to 12%, many are tempering their lofty expectations of just two weeks ago.

No matter what people are saying, this era of Giants’ history is nowhere near as rudderless as “the wilderness years” (1964-80). Worst-to-first is a common path in the NFL since the free agency began in the 90’s and the league instituted the balances schedule in 2002.

The offensive line has been underwhelming, to put it kindly. They needed a few games iron out the kinks. Now, with center Jon Halapio going down for the season with a broken ankle, they’ll have to do it with a different center.

The Giants are throwing short passes for a variety of reasons. Some are designed to get rookie RB Saquon Barkley a running start. Others are “checkdowns” where Manning can’t find his primary receivers. Then, there are the instances where Eli is under siege and needs to avoid a sack or a hit.

The guys made some other great points…

Can’t disagree with any of that. Lo Carter is a good looking young player who is ascending. The kicking and punting has been excellent. Riley is a stopgap player at safety. They’ll be looking to replace him at some point. And, yes, Kaelin Clay is not an upgrade over the two players they cut.

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