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Giant fans calling for statue of LT outside MetLife Stadium

New York Giants fans around the country, after viewing the NFL Network’s episode of “A Football Life: Lawrence Taylor” are making a push to have a statue of their most celebrated player outside of MetLife Stadium.

Taylor is the seminal figure in the resurgence of the Giants after 18 years of futility that ended up with fans burning their tickets outside the stadium.

He is quite simply the greatest player the Giants have ever had and deserves as many accolades as they can bestow upon him.

The idea sounds great until you sit back and digest the whole Taylor picture. The drawback is that the Giants aren’t entirely proud of Taylor’s tenure with the team and life ooff the field. Drug abuse, philandering and multiple arrests have tarnished his star for many who would see erecting a statue in his honor would be rewarding his behavior.

Then, there’s the issue they’d have with their co-tenants, the Jets. If the Giants start placing statues around the plaza the Jets will want to do so as well. Then, the Giants will have to erect a few more. Who will they be?

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