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Listen: The media loves to shun and shame the New York Giants

Foley and the Frattman discuss how the national and local media discriminates against the New York Giants, plus other inane habits and practices the mainstream media engages in.

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GameFaceRadio has just entered its 10th year on 940, W.I.N.E. This unique sports radio show, not your father’s sports talk radio, personifies their love of the NFL as fans and, more poignantly, the disenchantment with the sports media – 99% of which all think alike.

The media’s biased analysis continually lacks logic, borders on insanity, reveals ideological agendas and lacks intuitive insight. Moreover, their facts are incorrect on a regular basis. While the news media is ridiculed regularly by ‘other’ news media, the sports media obtains a FREE PASS, for the most part.

GFR’s segment entitled Bonehead Football Media Matters in which they spotlight, ridicule and laugh at the boneheads who cover the NFL – both nationally and in the #1 radio market in the world, New York.

33-year radio veteran Steve Fratt (The Frattman) has teamed up with Jerry Foley (Editor-in-Chief for The Giant Insider magazine) and the result is an extremely progressive show. We are the anomaly of sports radio. And they only know one sport so we confidently put ourselves up against the best. By contrast, 90% of the sports media cover every sport. While our show airs on Sunday’s year-round in parts of New York and Connecticut, it is time to take it to the next level.

Here’s one example of the opportunity that exists for this show in New York City: there are “two” 24/7 sports radio stations in the world’s largest market and yet – there is no regularly scheduled NFL show. Ironic since the NFL is the #1 rated sport in America in several categories.

GAME FACE RADIO aims to be that show. Give them a listen…

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