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The Giants’ in-house bickering hallmark of new ‘wilderness’ age

The New York Giants are 1-5 and on their way to another losing season, which would be their fifth in the past six years. The last time they experienced such a stretch of futility was back in the late 1970s-early 1980s at the end of their “wilderness years” period.

Back then, the Giants had two owners – Wellington Mara, son of founder Tim (his father), and Tim Mara, son Wellington’s late brother Jack and Tim’s grandson.

They fought over nearly everything and has stopped talking and a partition was constructed in the owner’s box so that the two owners would not have to deal with one another. Naturally, the team suffered. From 1964 through 1980, the Giants had only one winning season (1970) and failed to qualify for the playoffs for 17 consecutive years.

We all know the story of how the Giants overcame this schism and went on to great heights. But those glory days are getting smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror here in 2018. Losing has seeped into the culture and the backbiting and hard feelings have returned. This time, however, its not between the owners but rather ownership and the players.

One player, in particular: WR Odell Beckham, Jr., who the Giants signed to a five-year, $90 million contract this summer to be the face of the franchise. It’s a move they’re likely re-thinking at the moment.

Beckham has been firing off at the lip about how the team is run and what his role with the franchise is. He is performing fairly well to this point (45 receptions for 505 yards) but has just one touchdown and the team is still averaging under 20 points per game on offense.

OBJ’ recent ripping of the team – both coaches and teammates – and his comments about maybe not wanting to stay in New York, stung the Giants and caused a rift that they had downplayed as just conjecture.

Until this week, when CEO John Mara took a swipe at Beckham, who he is considering an ingrate after all the team has done to accommodate his immaturity and poor judgement.

None of this would really come to light if the Giants were winning games – or even scoring points in bunches. But they are not and the bickering and distractions are threatening to take the team down a path that old-time Giant followers such as myself would rather not go down again.

Listen to Beckham’s recent comments on Facebook Watch.


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